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Nadege Severe

Tax Manager

Nadege Severe, Tax Manager at VMG Financial, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Gulf Coast University. With over four years at VMG Financial, Nadege has extensive experience in bookkeeping, tax services, and financial statement review. Her prior roles include a staff accountant position at Lucille S Adgate CPA and internships and part-time roles that enriched her skills in general accounting and customer service. Nadege's professional journey is marked by her proficiency in QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and SAP ERP, coupled with a dedication to client success and meticulous financial management.

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We consider our Services a Family Office.

Family Offices are reserved for the wealthy to create a team to manage their businesses, finances and financial legacy. VMG Financial is a Multi-Family Office approach serving the underserved small businesses and families in America.


  • CPAs are usually historians and accounting for your numbers in the past.  Our CPAs provide you with forward-looking tax plans.

  • Financial Advisors are typically stock market focused.  We like to partner with them and offer estate planning, legacy planning, tax planning, Roth conversion calculations, etc.  For a business owner we know your best return and wealth building is in your business.

  • Attorneys set up your entity and you usually never talk to them again.  We partner with attorneys to ensure your family and business get the best legal benefit of all structures.

Our CPAs, Financial Advisors, and Attorneys work on your behalf.  We call our approach the Triangle Wealth…


Our Family Office Services are and not limited to:

  • Tax Preparation

  • Business/Real Estate Tax Incentives

  • Financial Advisory

  • Business Expansion

  • Retirement Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Sales Consulting

Our mission is to help families maintain financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals.

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