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At what retirement age can I claim my social security benefits?

Knowing your full retirement age is the first step in planning when to start receiving your social security benefits. There are a few different ages at which you can start receiving your retirement benefits.

Age 62: The first full month an individual is 62, is the earliest age an individual can commence receiving benefits. However, benefits will be reduced approximately one-half of one percent for each month you start receiving benefits before reaching full retirement age.


Age 65: Full retirement age for an individual born in 1937 or earlier.


Age 67: Full retirement age for an individual born in 1960 or later.


Age 70: Age at which delayed retirement credits stop accruing.


In our free eBook The Nuts & Bolts of Social Security in 7 Easy Tips, we give you even more information including access to a chart of reduced benefits as well as a way to find your full retirement age based on your year of birth. Please download it today or contact us for a consultation.

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