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What is a controllership?

A Controllership is a position of a controller or comptroller within an organization.  This officer audits accounts and supervises the financial affairs of a corporation. It's the responsibility of the controller to create a clear and transparent financial analysis on the health of the business.

Much like a physician, maintains a healthy body, a controllership monitors and maintains a healthy business. The addition of the "right" controllership position to your company can add great deal of experience to your organization.

The Benefits of Experienced Controllers:

  • Organizational Behavior Analysis - an outside look to find inside cost savings

  • Leadership Skills - ability to come up with a financial plan that your team can easily follow

  • Operations (Production) Management - industry specific controllers can reduce operating and production costs

  • Business Cycle Economics - understands time sensitive business cycle that could be costly to business owners

  • Managerial Finance - can work with your staff to reduce expense by testing and measuring through management


Controllership can be full-time position for large organizations. Outsourcing Controllership allows small to mid-size companies to benefit from their expertise, for less cost.

For information on how a controllership would benefit your company

contact Vidussi Makara Group.

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