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What are the benefits of neutral forensic accounting?

Are you familiar with forensic accounting? If not, take a moment and read this: What is Forensic Accounting?

Neutral Forensic Accounting

Neutral Forensic Accounting uses one “neutral forensic accountant” instead of two separate traditional forensic accountants when working with a divorcing couple’s finances in a collaborative divorce.

Saves Money
The couple saves money by paying for one neutral forensic accountant, as they eliminate the need for two. For the collaborative divorce process to work, trust between the divorcing couple is key.

Reduces Time
The neutral CPA gathers the same financial documents that the two separate CPAs normally would have collected and impartially works with both the husband and wife to determine their income and expenses. Once the analysis is completed, the neutral forensic accountant prepares the schedule of assets and liabilities.


Avoids a Court Trial
The elimination of dueling accountants in a divorce can avoid a trial. Working with a neutral forensic accountant allows flexibility not found in a traditional divorce.


Dueling accountants usually represent two different set of numbers, while a neutral forensic accountant works with one set of numbers and engages in creative thinking for solutions.


Offers Solid Solutions
A neutral forensic accountant has the specialized training, knowledge and experience in neutral forensic accounting specific to the financial and accounting issues encountered in collaborative divorces. They reach financial conclusions based on their forensic work which enables them to resolve situations that could lead to an impasse. This helps ease the tension between the divorcing couple. 

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