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In the event of my death, what social security death benefits can my spouse expect to receive?

This may be a touchy subject because who really wants to talk about death? But it is a necessary part of your social security benefits that you must understand.

If an individual is fully insured at death, a lump sum payment of $255 is payable to their window(er) or minor children that were living with the individual at the time of death. So you need to make sure that you take this into account if things start looking grim for a loved one. Planning ahead is the smartest thing you can do…it is your future.

Further questions about social security death benefits? Contact us or download our free eBook The Nuts & Bolts of Social Security in 7 Easy Tips. The eBook gives you an additional tip about how you or your spouse can elect to receive 50% of the other spouse’s benefit.

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